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This manual targets Enterprise owners, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Cloud Service Brokers (CSBs), Multi-Service Providers (MSPs) and anyone who is anyway related with BillByte to learn about its features and functionality. 


Bill Byte is a full service billing and monetization platform catering specifically to the needs of Cloud Service Provider partners and Cloud Service Brokers. It provides these partners all the right tools to consolidate their recurring revenues from the CSP program. They can not only bill their customers monthly, quarterly, annually or any way they want, for the subscriptions but can also exhibit a full service catalogue for their customers to pick and choose from. This way with Bill Byte Cloud Service Provider partners can remain in control throughout, retaining complete ownership of their customer relationships.

BillByte Products

BillByte is available in four different flavors and each of them is perfectly designed to cater to the needs of their respective business models.

Cloud Solution Providers
Cloud Service Brokers
Multi-Service Providers
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