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Welcome to MSPs Manual!

This document is mainly intended for Multi-Service Providers (MSPs). All the details, screenshots, panel functionality and features are illustrated with respect to MSP.


BillByte MSP Account enables any ISP or other service provider to become an MSP (Multi-Service Provider). You can offer services from major cloud platform vendors including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 to your existing customers.

It includes APIs for easy integration of your existing BSS / OSS systems with BillByte and it offers full lifecycle from order to cash management of these services.

For convenience, specific manuals have been created to provide clear insight of the entire functionality of the panel in terms of various users and their rights. With series of our manuals, know more about BillByte and explore how it empowers you with so many dominant features to manage your business logically.

Features List

  • Customer Creation
  • Amazon AWS Account Creation
  • Microsoft Order Management Portal
  • Unbilled Usage Reporting
  • Invoice Line Item Integration
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